Cleaning Services Near Me

Cleaning Services near me etiquette. Before we get started, I want to tell you about rental Etiquette, prior to leaving your Condo or Airbnb.

This is Condo & Airbnb etiquette!

  1. Clean all dishes or run the dish washer.
  2. Remove all trash from cans and countertops. (Dispose)
  3. Place all towels in one area of the bathroom for easy pickup.
  4. Take all foods from refrigerator and cabinets that you brought or bought.
  5. Check all rooms for Items you came with. (Don’t leave anything behind. Could cost to have shipped back if the item(s) have value.)
  6. Leave a list or comment about your stay and if there were any issues.
  7. Checkout on time. (This is Important.)

    Keep in mind, in some cases, this is not required, but looked at for future visits if ever going to return to that same place you just rented, Being, an Airbnb or Condo.

cleaning services near me

In Detail: Cleaning services near me for Condos & Airbnb's


• We remove all bedding and check for any stains on mattresses, mattress covers and pillows. (We remove and clean mattress covers on every other clean.) If mattress or pillows are damaged, the owner is notified right away to have replaced.
• Wipe ceiling fan, light bulls and fixtures. Dust all furniture, including inside dresser drawers, headboard, foot-board and TV screen.
• Vacuum under beds, floor and mop with a disinfecting cleaner.


 • Pickup all towels and inspect for damage. Clean toilet, shower, tub, shower heads and sink fixtures. Wipe all walls and glass doors. Disinfect counter tops, clean drawers, mirrors and wipe down under sink while inspecting plumbing.
• Clean exhaust fan, light bulls and fixtures. Vacuum floor, mop with disinfecting cleaner. Along with, rolling floor with lent and hair remover. Disinfect all trash cans in and out.
• Replace toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, soap and makeup remover.

Laundry Room

Remove any clothing or linens. Wipe down all surfaces and remove lint from dryer. Vacuum and mop floor. Replace laundry soap.

Living Room

• Dust all furniture, ceiling fan, clean TV screen, remove cushions from chairs and couch and vacuum. Wipe down all light fixtures and bulbs.
• Look under all furniture for toys or items left behind. Replace linen from sofa sleeper. Vacuum all rugs and floors. Mop with disinfecting cleaner.
• Make sure TV is in working order. Replace burnt light bulbs. (DUST AC UNIT VENT) Clean all glass sliding doors inside and out.

Dinning Room

• Dust all food and sand from chairs. Dust light fixture and fan, Wipe all surfaces with disinfecting spray. Clean wall in-front of bar stools.
• Vacuum floor and mop with disinfecting cleaner.


• First, wipe inside and outside refrigerator. Check water tray and clean them. Wipe down all cabinets and straighten dishes inside cabinets. Clean and wipe all small appliances including microwave, stove top, oven and oven drawer.
• Second, check dishwasher and put dishes away. (Check for leaks.) Clean trash can inside and out, replace trash bags and leave two extra in can. Clean wall behind garbage can.
• Third, disinfect all countertops. Clean and wipe out sink and fixtures. Check garbage disposal for waste. Vacuum floor and mop with disinfecting cleaner.



Wipe down all furniture.

Shake all rugs.

Rearrange furniture.

House Cleaners Cleaning Supplies Used

Now, you’ve had a chance to see our condo cleaning services above, let’s talk about why some of the cleaning supplies are used.


Cleaning supplies used should be those that are biodegradable. Using chemicals that can cause damage to countertops, plumbing, stainless steel, furniture and porcelain should never be used. Of course, we only use biodegradable solutions that are proven to disinfect.

Rags or Paper Towels:

This should be a no brainier, but, we see it more often than not, condo cleaners using paper towels to clean surfaces. Importantly, We recommend using rags. Our explanation to this is, once you use a rag for a specific area, it goes into a bag for cleaning. We never use the same rag for any dusting or cleaning a countertop. After we finish a job, all rags are washed with a disinfectant and cleaned to remove any germs. You can’t do that if you use paper towels from area to area. The type of rags used are micro fiber, not leaving any residue or dust behind.

Broom or Vacuum:

Again, cleaners like to use brooms when cleaning. We don’t. Why, because brooms leave dust and crumbs behind that vacuums don’t. Brooms leave to much behind that builds dirt in areas like corners. A vacuum is the best way to remove sand, dust and food particles from floors and carpet. Also, when using a vacuum, you have the opportunity to clean baseboards, around tables and couch legs that attract fuzz and dust bunnies. 

What most cleaners near me do when working for a cleaning company

To clarify, What most cleaners do when working for a cleaning company.

1) Basic cleaning services may include making of beds, vacuuming, wiping off all counter tops, dusting surfaces, cleaning toilets, showers, mirrors, wipe TV screens and put away dishes from dishwasher.

2) Weekly turnover may include all of the above, but, also include: refrigerator, oven, microwave, patio clean with vacuuming, straightening of furniture and glass sliding door windows clean inside & out.

3) Deep cleaning services, (A DEEP CLEAN) usually are done every three to six months.

The clean would again include all of the above, but, all furniture being moved, inside all cabinets cleaned, furniture drawers vacuumed, light fixtures and bulbs cleaned, baseboards, and all appliances deep cleaned.

Choosing the Best Cleaning Services Near Me

How do I choose the best cleaning services?

  1. First, look for someone like Amazingly Cleaned that offers full service when cleaning.
  2. You want a company that is reliable and provides all cleaning equipment.
  3. Compare pricing with services.
  4. Ask for references. Call them, (ask about their service.)
  5. How flexible is their time schedule?
  6. Tell the cleaners what service you need. (Weekly, Monthly, Daily or just once.)
  7. Ask about cleaning solvents used.
cleaning services near me

Average Cost per Bedroom and Bathroom for Cleaning Services Near Me

Finally, we’ll talk about condo cleaning services pricing. Averages based on 1-5 bedroom condos with at least 1-4 bathrooms. We looked at 15 condo units, adding the total on each cost per charge for cleaning and took an average from the total cost divided my 15. This is how we came to an average cost you should pay for a cleaning. Now, keep in mind, some cleaning services would charge more depending on what type of condo cleaning services or add-ons you might need on a first clean or thereafter.

The source of this information was provided from Vrbo and Airbnb online rental companies.

  • One bedroom average $140.00

    A one bedroom cleaning on average would cost you as a rental with 1 to 1.5 bathrooms

  • Two bedroom average $185.00

    Two bedroom cleaning on average would cost you as a rental with 1 to 2.5 bathrooms

  • Three bedroom average $225.00

    Three bedroom cleaning on average would cost you as a rental with 1 to 3 bathrooms

  • Four bedroom average $280.00

    Four bedroom cleaning on average would cost you as a rental with 1 to 3 bathrooms

  • Five bedroom average $360.00

    Five bedroom cleaning on average would cost you as a rental with 2 to 4 bathrooms

cleaning services near me

Cleaning Services Near Me Final Thoughts

This article was done to help consumer, and condo or airbnb owners to better understand the condo cleaning services we offer and what most condo cleaning services do and charge. Pricing above are estimations found from the two rental companies listed above. (Vrbo & Airbnb) We hope you will give us a consideration when hiring a condo cleaning service. Also, we do provide professional house cleaning services near me in Panama City Beach Florida. Please click the green box below to schedule a cleaning with us now, or contact us at one of the numbers below. We’re always looking for more condo cleaning jobs. Thank you, and happy hunting for the best condo cleaning services near me in Panama City Beach Florida.